Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Loneliness

Three parts of one song. take the time to listen to it all the way through and its less or more dumb than if u just give a glance. 


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Close Enough- Tournament of Contestants

Join hosts Thomas Bauer and Cameron Evers in a final bout of Trivia madness feat. former contestants too numerous to list right now.

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Close Enough – Addison and Edgar

Listen in as guest Co-Host Catherine Rush helps out on a final episode of close enough. Contestants Addison Adams (Co Co Ri Co) and Edgar Lopez and Wyatt Pless face off in a heated match!

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Hannah Breunig and Geneva Preston face off in categories like dino’s, Thomas, Rock Docs, Pavement, and more!

Check it out as Locals compete in trivia about sci-fi, thomas, and more!

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Local dudes Dude Magnets ( compete with the help of friend Nick K. in a match including categories such as Thomas, Game Show Theme Songs, State Birds, and Animals!


Close Enough- K I D S

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Check out members of K I D S ( as they compete or something like that. More farts then ever.